How can I find a Library

I have this component :
How can I find the library to do my PCB ?

You mean footprint or symbol+footprint.

I mean symbol+footprint, I need to do a schematic.

Check this: (1.3 KB)

We should really get an FAQ or something… I looked for “STK681-332” but didn’t find anything for KiCad.

How to find symbols/footprints

Try the following sites :

If this doesn’t find anything, you are probably out of luck. More extensive searches might find something in github, or elsewhere.

Unless the symbol is very complex, it is not worth further searching, but it is very much worth learning to create symbols and footprints.

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This is the good one :slight_smile: thank you !
Where did you find it ?

Somewhere between my fingers and mouse. :smile:

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