How can I copy a CAD model from EasyEDA and paste it into KiCad?

I need the CAD model ‘TS-1012E-26.’ Which symbol and footprint should I use in KiCad? If it’s not available in KiCad, can I copy the model from EasyEDA and import it into KiCad?

STEP models yes.
You need to copy into a local library, don’t try using the supplied KiCad libraries as these get overwritten every update.
You will probably need to manipulate the XYZ offsets

Never heared of that thing, so I looked it up. At LCSC I found this:

There are many of such tactile switches, and each is a bit “special”. You can try websites such as SnapEDA or PCBlibraries. They make millions of footprints for all sort of parts, but you can also make your own footprint in KiCad. KiCad’s own editors for schematic symbols and PCB footprints are quite good, and once you have learned to use them (this takes maybe a few hours, inclusive library management (which you will have to learn anyway)) a footprint is easy to draw in KiCad itself. After all, it’s just a few pads, two mechanical holes and some silkscreen lines.

SWITCH-E-Switch - TL3330AF130QG (Tact Switch, SMD).step (338.7 KB)

You can use EasyEDA Professional to export PCB+ components in step format, open it in freecad, delete the PCB model, and save it.

I usually draw some 3D models, which are shared for free on GrabCad, which is my homepage

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You have a symbol in the datasheet of that switch. It’s a standard momentary SPST, so Switch:SW_SPST

The footprint (also available in the datasheet) doesn’t have any match in the KiCAD libary. It’s a simple one, so the easiest is to make it yourself. If you are a beginner then the tricky bit for you may be the two holes. Refer to another tactile SMD footprint with pads and positioning holes and modify it.

Have a look in Button_Switch_SMD footprint category.

are a good start to modify and make your own.

Let me know if you really struggle and I can make it for you.

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