How can i connect to an unused pin

I have several footprints with unused pads.
I’d like to run traces through them (since I know which are OK) but haven’t been able to. The system always wants new traces to avoid them.
I could re-define the symbols and the footprints for this particular board, but it would be far simpler to simply override what the system is trying to protect me from.
Is this possible?

You might try ‘allow drc violations’.

The best solution will always be to create the schematic such that it includes these intentionally connected NC pins. And yes this requires having these pins available in the symbol.

And most importantly be aware that a lot of typical ICs mark pins as NC even if they are connected to the chip but not intended for customer use (example are undocumented test pins). So make really sure the pins you intend to connect are truly not connected to anything.
In general if the datasheet states “do not connect” then it means you should not connect that pin. And you can only be sure that you can connect through it if the datasheet explicitly states this.

Thanks very much, Hermit.
This is exactly what I was looking for.
I’m a “newbie” at this.
As for the details. I have some “flag” connectors which mount with two pins and for which I used only one pin reference. I also have a double-pole switch with the poles in parallel; again, better next time!
Thanks again for the response. Now I can proceed!

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