How can I clone and edit a library that's read only?

basically for whatever reason if I run the DRC on the pcb editor, the footprint is problematic, while if I run the DRC under the footprint editor, that specific footprint has no issues

and so I was trying to edit that footprint and save it in another folder, but the problem is that the target footprint is read only, and because of that I can’t either normally save or make a save as under a different folder

searching onto the forum I find out that default libraries are read only to prevent kicad updates to mess up with libraries… which doesn’t solve my issue, how can I make a copy of such footprint protected by write only, edit it, and save it as a personal library or anyway under another folder?

What OS are you using? If you can read it you should be able to save it to another folder IF you have write permissions to that folder.

I think KiCad wants to write a *.bak into the write protected folder, so no luck.
But I might be mistaken.

[EDIT] I’m wrong. Saving to a new library works…

What happens if you do:

PCB Editor / File / Export / footprints to New Library
During that process:

  • Make it a project specific library.
  • Confirm with [Yes] to “Update footprints on board to refer to new Library”.

Then also push those changes back to the schematic with: PCB Editor / Tools / Update Schematic from PCB (So reverse from the normal workflow)

With these two steps you have (or at least should have) a copy of all used footprints in a project specific library, and also updated the links in the schematic to use those personalized footprints. After that you can edit them at will, and maybe also copy them to some other library you manage for yourself.

You should never even attempt to directly change any of the default libraries of KiCad.

Footprint libraries are directories, and footprints are files.
I work with only my libraries so I don’t see KiCad libraries and can’t select any of its footprints.
When I want to copy a footprint from KiCad library to my library I use file manager to do it.
If file is read-only you can’t update it, but you can save it in another place.

First, create personal libraries one for footprints and another for symbols.
Next, copy the footprint or symbol to your personal library.
Next, modify the copied footprint in your new personal library, as you wish, and use that on your schematic or PCB.

To copy a symbol or footprint to your personal library, open symbol or footprint editor.
Scroll through the Kicad libraries, on the left, to find the symbol or footprint you wish to modify.
When found, Right click mouse on item.
Select “Save as”
A box will open with the name and the library containing the part.
Change the name, at top in box, or leave as the same.
Scroll through the library list in that box 'till you find your personal library, then highlight your library.
Left click save.
Go back to the library list on the LHS of the editor.
Scroll through the libraries to find the personal library you just placed the copy into.
Open the copied item and modify as you wish.

Hope this helps.