How can I add more footprint in 1-library file? (solved)

Yes I know how to create footprint use Footprint editor by create footprint and create new library file by each footprint. However I like to collect footprint that I use so that in next project I have something in hand in same file.

In Part Library Editor I can do by

  1. select working library (the one I want to copy from or mod)
  2. load component - so that I have component I want to copy/mod
  3. select working library (the one my collection library that collect every component)
  4. after edit something then “update current component in current library”
    done - I collect one more component in 1 library file.

But for footprint how can I collect more footprint into 1 file? There is load footprint but there is no update current footprint into current library. Only I can save into new footprint file.

Thank you

What version of KiCAD are you running? Unless it is a very old version there are no “library files”. A footprint library is simply a folder containing .kicad_mod footprint files and the convention is to name it <something>.pretty.

I use the latest stable one 4.0.5

Yes it not that library files it is the folder of library that I name to it ex. LEDs , Relays_THT for me I name is myfoot1.pretty and inside is contain 1 footprint. I want to add more into there instead of 1 footprint per one .pretty.

But anyway your answer trick me to try to export footprint into that folder , .pretty and it work!
More footprint show in footprint viewer. So that is it

  1. load footprint I want
  2. export into “melibrary”.pretty


Ah you want to move multiple footprints between libraries?

This can be done either in the file browser of your choice. (each footprint is one file in the .pretty directory)

or set your target lib as active library and load the destination footprint via the footprint browser (select load footprint->by browser)
Than you can simply press save footprint to active library.

More info on how this looks like under the hood:

Yes that what I’ve done

  1. load footprint
  2. select my active library to save
  3. save footprint in active library