How can find component without move cursor?

I know net list name that i need component and find it (for ex. r3001) but when i found them kicad moves the cursor to place of component .I want find the component but not move the cursor, only select comp. and press M key for call to component to cursor point.

Thank u for helping and hard working for understand me :smile:

Select “Do not warp cursor to found item” in the Find dialog.

I tried all variation checked/unchecked. Both of them screen focus to the search object . I don’t want change anything. screen or cursor stay old position. I want only select object and get to cursor position by press (M) key

I filed a bugreport for ineffective “do not warp…”. On the other hand the function you need is “search for footprint”, shortcut is simply “t”. It selects the component and starts Moving by teleporting the component to your actual cursor.

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“search for footprint” is my solution. Thank you