How best to use hidden pins

Hello everyone. I am new to KiCAD. I’m interested in learning how to best take advantage of kiCAD’s hidden pin feature. Can you give me ideas as to how you have used them in your designs? Can you point me to information about this feature?


My impression is that a few folks swear by hidden pins, but many more of us swear AT hidden pins.

With the pin hidden it’s too easy (especially for us with superannuated minds and tri-focaled eyeballs) to forget a connection, or at least overlook the requirement for a connection, when you’re studying a ratsnest and mentally formulating a plan to route it effectively.

The most common justification for hidden pins seems to be that some of the basic “plumbing” - power pins, ground pins, clock pins, etc - can be kept off a schematic and therefore not clutter the visual presentation of the circuit designer’s intentions. One alternative way to deal with this (without using hidden pins) is to define multi-part symbols, with one section devoted solely to the plumbing functions.



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The best use of hidden pins is none :wink: