Hotkeys using the shift key are almost unusable with KiCAD 8

Hotkeys using the SHIFT key are almost unusable in KiCAD 8.

Pressing the shift key assigns the function of select+, and hotkeys combined with shift, such as shift+V, are no longer available.

Does anyone know of any solutions?

Shift+V is edit value field in schematic editor. It works for me.
Maybe an OS or Keyboard language problem?

What is your OS and language?

What operating system are you on? Do you see this in Schematic, PCB, or both? And what do you mean by select+?

In PCB, I tried Shift-F (Attempt finish of selected pads) and Shift-M (move exactly.)
I also tried Shift-N (previous grid) in both Schematic and PCB.

All worked as expected.

I’m on Windows 10, KiCad 8.0.1.

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Hello another @baldengineer :grinning:

This is interesting.
I cannot find “Shift+V = Edit Value Field” as a listed Command, Hotkey or Description, but whenever I try to reassign Shift+V , the hotkey will change to the new action. Remove the reassignment and Shift+V reverts to Edit Value Field.

I believe we have some sort of bug. :face_vomiting:

Thank you all for your replies.

OS is Windows 10 and KiCAD 8.0.1.

When I press the shift key, the mouse cursor changes to a plus sign when I press the shift key.
That’s what I meant.

In that state, I could not use the hotkey combined with shift in both PCB and schematic.


To change or assign a hotkey, you need to go to:
Preferences > Preferences > Hotkeys, then find the command you want, double left click and then change or assign a hotkey.

By typing a command into the Type Filter box at the top of the window, you can shorten the list of commands available. eg Type “edit” and all the edit commands will show in the list.
This can sometimes save scrolling through the nearly 600 available hotkey commands.

With that procedure I customize the hotkeys.

I am having trouble with a hotkey that was combined with the shift key in KiCAD 7, but is no longer available in KiCAD 8.

Is the hotkey no longer available or the command (action) no longer available.

What hotkey and what action and in what editor did that hotkey perform in Kicad 7?