Hotkeys for different Interactive Router modes


I currently work on a layout were I often switch between shove and walk around mode to keep previous routed segments how they are. To do so I have to open the Routing Settings, change to the desired mode there and then need to close the window again. So in cases where I switch after a few wires back and forth it gets quite annoying and I’m wondering why there is no shortcut to switch the routing modes or did I just not saw it?

I’m still working on 5.1 so if it was added for 6.x you can ignore this but if not this may be a good shortcut to add later (if possible).

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They’ve made it to 6.
All you need to do is assign hotkeys of your choosing.


well thats then another reason to switch to v6 as soon as possible, thx. :smiley:


additionally there are two different hotkey-options:

  1. one hotkey per router-mode (you have to remember 3 different hotkeys)
  2. one hotkey for cycling through the router-modes (you have to remember only one hotkey, but sometimes press this hotkey twice to get your desired mode)

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