Hotkey for import sheet pins

I find the name “Import sheet pins” in the popup menu of a hierarchical sheet is wrong. Actually, it imports only one pin.

  1. is possible to import all pins at once?
  2. is possible to rename (refactoring) a pin without having to delete and import it again?
  3. is possible to define a hotkey for “import sheet pin” function?
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Not in 5.99. :slight_smile:

In 5.99 yes. On the other hand, when the tool has been activated once it’s kept after a pin has been imported, so just clicking the mouse buttons starts importing the next one, so there’s no much need for a hotkey. (I’m talking about 5.99 all the time – 5.1 works differently.)

You can use Edit -> Search & Replace. Just make sure that the options are correct and not wrong unrelated texts are changed by accident.

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Got it. I’m in the middle of a project so I don’t think is a good idea to switch now to v5.99.
By the way, I don’t see any information in the blog when v5.99 and v6 will be released as stable…

Right, I should have been more explicit about the status of the unstable development version. I just wanted to make it known that your concerns have been taken care already even though not available yet.

It will be released later this year. With good luck within half a year. With normal luck before the fall/autumn or winter.

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