Hotkey for "Flip Board" would be very appreciated

For assembly i do use KiCad on a 2nd Monitor next to my workbench to locate Parts faster, specially when the PCB has no silk layers it can be quite a pain.

For that it is very helpful to flip the boardview constantly.

I was looking for a hotkey but could only find one for “flip item” not “flip board”.

Would be great to add this one in the list.
Also make it possible to flip board even when the search mask is open [CTRL+F] because this is permanently the case while assembling manually.

A CTRL+ “key” should not interfere with the search mask inputs, i think. So thats no problem.

Anyway… much appreciating your work, dear KiCad-Team.

Stay safe.

Hotkeys are much more configurable in the future in v6, also View -> Flip Board View.

The Find window is indeed bad. See (this forum, BTW, isn’t for bug reports or wishes, although you can discuss possible feature requests in the dedicated category). (EDIT: and this forum is for end users by other end users, developers aren’t guaranteed to read this.)

However, I recommend Interactive Html Bom Plugin for KiCad 5.0 for you.


Wow. This Bom-Plugin looks very advanced. Gonna give that a try next occasion.
Thank you for the reply.

One of the great things about the Interactive BOM plugin is it creates a single DHTML file that can be viewed on pretty much any modern browser so the computing device at the assembly station doesn’t even need to have (or be able to run) KiCad. You could use a tablet, chrome-book, phone (if you can handle the small screen), raspberry pi, etc.