Horizontal Lines Appearing in Zones

Solved: Horizontal Lines Appearing in Zones

I’ve been using KiCAD for a few months now (crazy how feature-complete it is coming from Altium).
Recently though I think I’ve managed to knock something on the keyboard, as horizontal lines have appeared over all my zones in a particular project.
The screenshot below shows an example. Other projects aren’t exhibiting the same problem.

Had a look on the FAQ first but couldn’t find anything.

Check Why are there those odd horizontal lines

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If you see these in filled zones mode (as it appears you are seeing), make sure you’re using accelerated graphics. If you are using fallback graphics these lines will appear if you have any transparency set on the zone.


That explains it! Must’ve nudged F12 by accident when going for ‘print screen’. Thank you for the help.
Is there a way to ‘mark as answer’ on this forum?

No. You can edit the original post as solved and include a link to the post that solved it.

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