Hints about drawing footprints

Kicad 5.1.12

I’ve spent about 1 hour to draw a very simple footprint.

I encoutered the following problems:

  1. I can copy and paste items to a different layer (it’s unbelievable! it would be enough to past to the current layer!)
  2. in order to change the layer manually (i.e. often the silkscreen layer is the same for fabrication, at least for, say, the outer border of the footprint) I had to copy and paste the items on the same layer, but in a different position
  3. after select each item one by one and changed their layer (another thing that is impossible in Kicad is to change the common properties for multiple items) I had to move back to the correct position. Hence I selected the items and tried to move, but they didn’t match the already present items (because during the copy and paste it loosed the grid origin)
  4. while moving them manually, the snap-to-item feature is not active (why?)
  5. I tried to use the “position relative to” feature, but for some reason when I selected the reference item it moved the new items to the other end of the line, without the possibility to specify which end to use (anyway I didn’t mirror anything, so I don’t understand why it behaves in this way)
  6. when drawing arcs it’s a pain without a decent snap feature (i.e. vertical/horizontal constraint from a given point like an item end)

Are the above points all true or am I missing some basic feature that are available in kicad?

I’m sure there’s a ’Back-Story’ on why things are done the way they are… Setting that aside, at present, it makes sense to Explore and Tweak until getting an Understanding on How to accomplish the goal/task…

Example: Referring to Images below

I had NO problem placing a second Circle at the same location (origin) as the first Circle. They overlaid perfectly except the default Line-Widths and Radius were not the same (per my desired Kicad setup).
EDIT - see below

Screenshot and Vid show it… You can see they will overlay at the Same Center (but, Radius may be Off and will not see them if Line-Widths are the same…
EDIT: They were Off because I stupidly reset the Grid. I went back and Re-Did the steps using the same Grid settings for both and they Overlaid exactly (did Not redo video)…

You’ll need to do some homework and come to a working relationship with the tools…

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