Hilighting net by name


Longtime Eagle user, in Eagle I can type “show vcc” in the command box and it will hilight all of the VCC tracks.
Is there a similar facility in Kicad. I know about clicking on the net and about selecting it from the list of nets but this can be tedious to find when you have a big PCB with a lot of nets and already know it’s name. Especially as the list of nets seem to have the sheet name prepended to them, which means in the default view the actual net name is off screen.



Try the “CTRL+F” search-function. For subsequent searches there is hotkey for “Find Next” (F3?? or you have to assign this hotkey ourself?).

CTRL-F only seems to be able to find components. Always reportst ‘not found’ for nets.
I’m on version 6.0.2 if that matters.



You are only able to find nets with a connected label:

Nets with automatic netnames can not be found. (but as unnamed nets are not connected to other nets this should be no problem). Also contrary to Eagle automatic netnames can change without warning, in the middle of operations, they are not meant for the user.
Also if you switch the names of “Power Ports” to not visible these cannot be found.

May not be what you are looking for, but if you mouse over a track and press “~” (tilde key), then it will highlight everything on that net.

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What version are you on if it does not matter? :grin:

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