Highlihting track on both PCBeditor and Eeschema


Hello all, I want to know if it’s possible to highlight a track on Eeschema for example to show them on PCB editor, an vice-versa. Then is there a special menu or button ? Thanks


Not at the moment, but I remember there have been some discussion about that, and maybe it will be in version 6.

To be more exact Eeschema doesn’t have tracks, it has nets (represented by simple lines connected together), the board editor has tracks (representing physical copper lines).


In kicad 4.0.x it is not possible.

In nightly build versions this is possible.
You need to have the highlight tool active in both programs for this to work.
It will however not center your view on the connection in eeschema (after selecting in pcb_new) as this would not work well with labeled connections or hierarchical sheets. In pcb new your view will be centered and zoomed after highlighting something in eeschema.

Warning: If you switch to nightly from stable you will need to remap your schematic which will make it incompatible with stable versions. More info see: Is it a good idea to use a nightly build version?


Wow, I didn’t know this. Yes it seems to work.


Thanks for answers, I’m working with Version 4.0.7 and I’m not familiar with “nightly build versions” I’ll prefer wait to a stable revision of version “6” and this is not requested for my actual project, this is a nice feature on other Cad tool … Wait and see, thanks again for your support. Regards.


This was on my wishlist too, when I was working with v4.

It’s available in the upcoming v5 release. I believe the goal is to release v5 sometime this summer.


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