Highlighting nets in eeschema & pcbnew, track outline mode when G,D,M



  1. I discovered this by coincidence: While the the board is in highlight mode, when I press ctrl+B in eeschema the connection (track) gets highlighted in pcbnew, of course it is highlighted also in eeschema, the same thing happens vice versa. Is that normal, why do both of them have to be in highlight mode :rofl:

  2. In pcbnew, why tracks don’t stay in outline mode when I use D,G,M? Is there a way to keep them in outline mode?


  1. Because KiCad isn’t very good in this respect. :smirk: More seriously: 5.99 works a bit differently, so you can consider this to be fixed.

  2. They seem to always go in a semi-transparent mode. You could file an issue for that if you want. I think the idea is that it’s distinct from other tracks while it’s being edited.

do you really believe this?

Believe what? That the idea of the semi-transparent mode is to make the edited track look a bit different from other tracks to make editing easier? Yes I do. But the outline mode wasn’t necessarily in mind when that was implemented.

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Please don’t be anxious, I am not trying to attack you in anyway.

Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t see/recognize the semi-transparent mode, I asked many friends about it and they were not aware of it, I tried that on four different monitors, one of them is ThinkVision P27 I could barely see the semi-transparent mode.

I am interested in having this feature available, at least a setting in the preferences to enable/disable it should be OK, or a keyboard shortcut to press while editing regardless if you are in outline mode or not, not all people will be interested in this feature as you might already know.

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