Highlight net in pcbnew from eeschema


Is there a way to see a highlighted net in pcbnew when I have highlighted it in eeschema? I used to use this feature quite a bit, but perhaps this was in Eagle? It’s super comfy to have this feature. Any ideas?


Version 5 supports this. To activate that mode select he highlight net tool in both pcb_new and eeschema.


You don’t say which version you are using.
I thought this was available in 4.0.7 but am prepared to be corrected on that.

You need to have both eeschema and pcbnew running.

Select the net in eeschema using the pink “Highlight Net:” (2nd icon on RH toolbar)

Select the “Highlight Net” tool in pcbnew (also 2nd icon on RH Toolbar)

The selected net should be highlighted in both eeschema and pcbnew. Selecting other nets will highlight them in turn. you can cross probe between the two - selecting a net in pcbnew will highlight it in eeschma.


Thanks, I overlooked the highlight net in pcbnew. Great!
Is it possible to disable the zoom in on the highlighted net?


Is it possible to disable the zoom in on the highlighted net?

It would seem not.
I thought that you might be able to simply deselect the ‘Centre & Warp on Zoom’ but, at least on macOs 5.0.1, that doesn’t seem to achieve what you are asking. But that is what I would try - y.m.m.v.
If it works on other platforms but not macOs that may be a bug. However, the zooming seems to me to be useful behaviour especially on a big board.


net highlighting only existed in pcb_new for version 4. Highlighting for eeschema was however in nightly for quite some time before the v5 release.


Thanks! I was running a very stable nightly for quite some time before upgrading to 5 so wasn’t totally sure what features were from each version.


Nope. I’m a regular user of 4.0.7.


What a coincident, I had hold this off for awhile, but this morning I decided to report it https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1811136.


Cool, useful to have :slight_smile:


If you can vote by mark the request also affect you. I think the developer would look at it more