Highlight net classes

Do we have, or can we have a tool to Highlight wires within the same net class?

For instance, if I use this tool on any of these wires they all will be highlighted since they belong to the same Net class?

I just had to login to reply to this, and believe me, I don’t want to do this. I just want to lurk, with the hopes of reading something interesting, but this specific question of yours requires no less than a rather blunt ‘RTFM’.

You can write and ask and complain about bugs and behaviour all you want all day long, but this thread is just ridiculous, and should not be needed from an experienced user like yourself. This is just noise, just like my comment.

I’ll let myself out.


Thanks for your point of view.

But if you “know” something you won’t read the manual. Trust me. Because you know.

The field does not accept REGEXP. It is NOT REXGEXP. it is a Mixed-Wildcard-Regex syntax, which is a different thing. Then it should be renamed and not called regexp in the first place. It will fail and succeed with different inputs.

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