High node count poly lines

I export my KICAD pcb’s into autocad lt to create a labeled assembly diagram. I export to a dxf and then import that to autocad.

Is there a way to get rid of the smoothing that KICAD does? every track and copper pour has smoothed out edges. This is fine in autocad but If i want to bring any of the artwork through to solidworks this slows solidworks down to a crawl.

I couldn’t find any threads about this or any options to change the way tracks and pours behave

Version 6 will have (and 5.99/nightly builds have now) different filling mechanism for zones which could help with zones. But not for traces.

I think it should, at least theoretically, be possible to replace those small straight segments with longer arcs when plotting. You can file a bug report if you want to and see what happens.

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It’s a minor inconvenience at best. I’d like to make assembly drawings in solidworks but the dxf sketches bog down SW too much. It doesn’t sound like a complicated feature to add in. A text box as you export to dxf to disable trace smoothing and another for planes.

I’d try going through Freecad with stepup.

Or maybe through .svg (if autocad/solidworks can import .svg)

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