High current exposed lines and masks

I have designed a device that handle high current lines (~10A) and I want to expose the pcb lines that handles this current and add solder on them. (Through hole component on sided and SMD double sided here)

Should I create a solder mask only for those lines or should I create both the solder mask and the solder paste mask for those lines ?

Because my guess is that if the waves soldering assembly is used for through hole components, I can add the exposed lines to the solder mask only but if reflow technology assembly is used to solder through hole components, I have to add the exposed lines to both of the masks.

Is it correct ?

Is it a problem if waves soldering assembly is used and I expose the lines on both of the masks (solder mask and solder paste)?

Yeah one could do that. I never did this myself but the ‘‘Mask’’-layer will expose your trace. So you will be able to solder it regardless if automated or yourself. When adding the ‘‘paste’’ Layer also, your SMD-Template will get a cutout and therefore your track pasted and in the end tinned.

If they are happy with that…i don’t know. To be shure i would ask my fab.

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So I got a reply from the fab. They say that just adding the trace on the solder mask would work considering their process.
Thanks for the help

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Great! Glad i could help.