Hierarchical Spice Netlists?

I am new to Kicad, so there may already be a way to do the following that I just haven’t figured out.

I am partitioning my design into hierarchical sheets, with each sheet being a consistent functional grouping (ie; analog, power, cpu, etc.). Is it possible to generate a netlist for spice that maintains the same hierarchical grouping such that each sub-sheet is netlisted as a spice subcircuit with a subcircuit (X) call at the top level?
This would make parsing out the individual functional groupings for scripted netlist manipulations and simulation much easier. Along the the same line, is it possible to netlist each schematic sheet individually, allowing for simulation of each sheet independent of the whole hierarchy?

I found a solution for netlisting a single sub-sheet in this posting https://forum.kicad.info/t/how-to-generate-a-partial-netlist/12718/7 from user dj_ordje. As mentioned just open the sub-sheet.sch in eeshchema directly (in my case using Mac Finder) and then netlist in spice format.

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