Hierarchical sheets usage

I have two schematic pages I want to put it together but I couldn’t do it even though I struggled for a week.Although I read in the manual about hierarchical.
With a simple illustrated example it would be appreciated if someone helped me

Whithout having any idea of what you’ve already done or where you get stuck, or what part of the concept does not (yet) connect in your brain there is nothing we can do except repeat the same things all over.

Start with:

And then ask more direct questions of some part where you get stuck or do not understand.

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@sabri, Looks like your links are broken hence we can’t see what’s inside.

Hierarchical sheets are like additional pages represented as a component in a page. The component pins would be the hierarchical labels inside that new sheets.

Like others said, please work on the complex_hierarchy example project and tell us what is confusing for you. Then maybe we can help you further.

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