Hierarchical sheets and multi unit packages?


I have the same circuit a few times in my project and I have used several hierarchical sheets pointing to the same file to accomplish this. Now, However, I am at a design stage where two circuits share units from a dual-unit package. Is there any way to achieve this without making a hierarchical sheet with two units inside?

Are you talking units (parts?) that are already broken up into separate pieces in the schematic like a dual package opamp? You should be able to specify something like U1A or U1B where appropriate.

Yes, I am talking about that. It is named component A/B when inserting into the schematic, and unit when creating the symbol.
I want to use the same hierarchical file (so I do not have to double the actual design), use it multiple times, but sometime make it use component A and sometimes component B.

AH. I was thinking just use the reference designator but the pin numbers become a problem in this case. As far as I know you would have to go in and manually place the new unit. From what I’ve seen using them is that all units are considered separate parts on the schematic level and only tied together at the package level.

The files are all human readable. If you have lots of them then scripting might help if you are good at that.

Ok, the design around it is not THAT complicated, if I use hierarchical subsheets, and the package has just 2 units. I guess I’ll just make one sheet with two times the circuit and then repeat that.