Hierarchical sheet different assembly

Normally a create a hierarchical sheet that is replicated several times (in the example for analog channel conditioning and it is replicated 16 times).
Depending of the channel use, it will have different proposes and so different components or at least values (in the example for different voltage level measures).

I need some tip: there is some better way of document this and also use the feature of BoM? (I mean have 2 hierarchical sheets that use that same file but refers to different components values or the only way is create different files to each one?).

Afaik the latter is the way to go.
Until KiCAD is at a point where it supports this ‘out of the box’ we’re probably 5 years older, optimistically :wink:

PS: Maybe you need to have a look at scripting (either inside or outside of KiCAD) to make this more comfortable though, so that you can change the sheets in one go if you change circuits, but keeping values mostly in place?

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