Hierarchical schematic sheet sharing and PCB layouts

Sharing hierarchical sheets outside of just copying them around would be a nice feature.

Extending the hierarchy concept to PCB layouts would be an awesome feature as having a way to create PCB rooms(Altium)/“hierarchical PCB layouts” would be awesome. It would get rid of that repetitive task of laying out the same PCB section over and over again, same as it does with schematics, you have one why not the other.

Having to layout the same power supply and oscillator is dumb.


Yeah 4 years ago doesn’t bode well

What do you mean? It has been reported long time ago but has recently been taken under development. Do you expect all wishes to be fulfilled within a year from reporting?

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This is a solved problem with action plugins (they work only with current 5.1.x branch). The plugins you are looking for are: Replicate layout which goes hand in hand with Place footprints and Save/restore layout.

If I might brag a bit. Feature wise in some respect it is more capable than Altium room’s feature as it can handle complex and deep hierarchies.


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