Hierarchical Schematic loading error

Please help. I would love to try and recover my schematic but don’t know how.

I have been working on and saving my file for several days with no problem but Windows 10 update wanted a restart now my schematic throws an error when opening. I am afraid I may have lost all my work if I can’t find a way to get it working again.

Please see the attached screen capture of the error message I’m receiving when I try and open the schematic.Schematic%20error

Your schematic references files that do not exist on the file system. Check the project directory with a file browser if there are any files with that name in there. Was the restart while kicad was still open?

the files are not in the directory. I saved and closed Kicad, before the restart. No errors were given then. Only after the restart did I see the error.

KiCad normally makes backup files that might be hidden. Check with “show invisible files”. (Just for clarity: I am trying to get you back as much of your work as possible. I am not trying to find out why this happened. This can be done at a later stage and should possibly happen over at the bugtracker.)

Yes I checked “Hidden Items” It reveals 3 files with the title “IN1” I believe may be the files in question. One of them has the .bak extension.

holy cow when I clicked in1 I see my schematic…

So it would seem that the schematic files, for each page making up the hierarchy, are sitting there. and seem to work when I open them individually. It is when I’m trying to access them through the hierarchical structure where the problem may be happening.

The file name you mention here does not fit what the error message says. Rename the files such that they agree with the error message (you might need two attempts as your original file names where not really helpful and could therefore rename them in the wrong order.)

I apologize as earlier I was searching my computer for the files listed in the error message when the files existed quite visibly under the name I had saved them under within Kicad, the whole time.

I believe I see my error here. Perhaps I should edit my hierarchical sch file… EESchema Schematic File Version 4
$Descr B 17000 11000
encoding utf-8
Sheet 1 3
Title “”
Date “2019-04-14”
Rev “”
Comp “”
Comment1 “”
Comment2 “”
Comment3 “”
Comment4 “”
S 1500 1100 2650 2900
U 5CEAA077
F0 “IN1” 50
F1 “file5CEAA076.sch” 50
S 5600 1100 2550 2900
U 5D045371
F0 “Processing” 50
F1 “file5D045370.sch” 50

lines F0 and F1 do not correlate

OK well I think I fixed it, now. Thank you.

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