Hierarchical Pins Disconnected?

Hi, I have a multi-channel schematic that I’m working on, and I’m wondering if what I’m seeing is normal behavior? I want to connect a net to the hierarchical pin that is imported from the sheet. From what it looks like, the net isn’t actually connecting to the pin, as I still see the little square by the pin, as seen in the first photo below. If I route a wire to the pin and click on the pin, the wire tool doesn’t actually terminate the wire either, I have to double click to end the wire.

I want to make sure that I’m actually connecting these in the netlist. What’s weird too is if I move the pin to the other side of the sheet symbol then it connects just fine and the little square goes away. (I can’t upload that image as I can apparently only place one image in a post as a new user)

Is this expected behavior? Thanks for your help!

It could be a grid issue. Try with a different grid. There are not so many, so I’d rather start with the next one. If current grid is 100, try 50 and so on.

@pedro[quote=“pedro, post:2, topic:8484”]
It could be a grid issue.

Agree with pedro.

I’d select 100 grid and move and/or resize the sheet. This will tend to put symbols back on the grid.

Thanks guys, I’m currently at a 50mil grid, so I went down to 25mils and still couldn’t get them to connect after moving them around a bit. I ended up just deleting and recreating the sheets and re-placing the pins. That did the trick.