Hierarchical layout - Post stable release requests

Hi guys,

In the past there were several threads about implementation of “hierarchical layout” (or equivalent) feature in Kicad.
I have a fair amount of experience with IC and PCB design tools and I honestly thinks that this feature is imperative in order to put Kicad in par with commercially available software.

To date, two different implementation proposals were brought up:

  1. Add ability to link schematic hierarchy to a layout hierarchy.
  2. Add ability to “group” (as in MS office) several layout objects such that they move/rotate together. This is a partial solution, but if you import an existing PCB and group it immediately, you have a “locked” hierarchy. This feature is probably useful for other things as well.

Now that stable V4 is released is probably the time to make new feature requests. This was already brought as a wish list item, but since it was submitted a long time ago, I’m afraid that no one is going to even pay attention. On the other hand, I’m hesitant about posting it again or emailing directly to the developers.

Does anyone have any idea how to further promote this request? Many people seemed to support it, and IMHO it should be top priority.

Any help is welcome!

You’d need to open a new wishlist bug in KiCad bugtracker in order to make it visible and traceable for developers.
Ofcourse, search existing bugs first to make sure you don’t create a duplicate one.

I already created wishlist bugs for both proposals. One from a while ago…

If anyone thinks as I do that this is super important, by all means, mark it as “affecting” you.

Does anyone have any suggestion how to further pormote this with devs?