Hierarchical Imports

I am trying to figure out how to import hierarchical labels from my first sub sheet to the main sheet. The instructions tell me to click the ‘import hier.’ button and then click ‘over’ the sheet. Presumably, this means to click on the sheet that is being imported from, but that sheet is not visible. If I then click on the main sheet, it pops up a box to create an un-named sheet. But that is not what I need, my sub sheet already exists…
So I am lost. Either there is something missing in the instructions, or I am really dense today!
Thanks, for any help, Russ

Try to open the demo-project “pic_programmer”. (From kicad-manager–>Open Demo).

In the bottom right edge of the root-sheet is the subsheet “pic_sockets” placed.
This subsheet contains 4 hierarchical pins.

Examine and play with that demo:

  • delete one of the hierarchical pins (in the subsheet-rectangle), than add the hierarchical pin again (with import hierarchical sheet pin from right toolbar)
  • the subsheet-schematic itself must contain hierarchical labels - open the subsheet schematic and look for the hierarchical labels

Thanks M. I did figure it out at midnight last night. I was looking at the schematic one more time and noticed a little square appended to a large ID symbol. It was the new sheet. I did not see it before because I keep the screen zoomed in most of the time! Duh! Once I found that, I was quickly able to get the h-pins working.
Regards, Russ

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