Hierarchical I2C Addresses

I have a project where I have 4 total sheets, with 3 sharing a single sheet (for a total of 6 sheets). On the shared sheet I have an I2C IC, and I need to make the address of each IC different. I created 5 hierarchical labels on the common sheet for SEN, SCL, SDA, SADDRA, and SADDRB. On the root sheet, I connected the SCL of the 3 shared sub-sheets together, and then to the SCL hierarchical label from the MCU sheet. Did the same for the SDA line. There are separate SEN’s for each instance, and I created separate hierarchical labels for them on the MCU sheet and then connected them to the appropriate sheets SEN’s.

For each instance, I made the addresses different by assigning the SADDRA/SADDRB different for each sheet. For example, on first instance they are both connected to GND. On the second instance, SADDRA is +5V and SADDRB is GND.

When I annotate and then create the PCB, the SEN’s of each sheet is a different net and the SCL/SDA’s of all instances are shared (with the MCU sheet), so those 3 hierarchical labels are working as expected.

The issue I am having is that I cannot set the address of the 3 I2C clients. On the PCB, I cannot connect any of those pair of pins, as they all have the same net (SADDRA and SADDRB), even though they are not connected “together” on the root sheet.

I have tried multiple combinations of global/local/hierarchical pins and been unsuccessful in getting the nets to be different on the 3 instances of the shared sheet like they are for the SEN’s. I also tried marking them Not Connected, and it did exactly as I expected on the PCB (not allowing me to connect to those pins). I even tried just leaving the pins unlabelled and unconnected (with the corresponding DRC errors) and got the same result.

Does anyone have an idea of how I can force the pin pair on each instance of the sheet to be different? I don’t know if this is something I am not understanding or if this just isn’t possible with power nets.

A few screenshots of the schematic or a link to the project might help us understand what you mean

I tried a simple example (Kicad 5.1.2) and it worked as I expected:

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I tried a simple example (Kicad 5.1.2) and it worked as I expected:

Did you attempt to create the PCB? I can also get it to work on the schematic, but when on the PCB it won’t let me actually create the GND and +5V traces between the pins and modules (e.g. add track on A0 to GND, and it refuses to attach to GND regardless of whether its via, another track, or copper pour).

OK, I tried this from scratch, and it works. Now I am confused, but at least I have two projects with one working so I can see what the difference is (nice that everything is text file based for this reason!).

Thanks for the help, as I dunno that I’d have attempted it from scratch to see if it works otherwise (should have, but it wouldn’t have occurred to me …).

EDIT: Update

OK, I figured out away around the issue. Once I added global labels on the ROOT sheet for the +5V and GND lines, it works as it should. Not sure why I need to label them specifically, as I originally created them via placing a power symbol so they should be automatic, but its done and works.

Again, thank you, as I’d not thought to look in this direction.

just for the future, posting your files would likely have gotten to the final solution much much quicker.

much much quicker.

I dunno about that, but it would have cost less time for those who helped, as I’d have had to create a simplified version and would then have stumbled on the fix without help (there are literally more than 20,000 nets in this project … so posting the full files would be over kill for this one issue).


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