Hierarchical Bus in latest nightlies


I’m having a problem creating a hierarchical bus in the latest nightlies. It was working fine in 5.1.2 (&5.1.4_1). The bus A[0…15] doesn’t seem to feed through to other sheets correctly. I don’t know if the colour of the bus pin is a clue to what’s going wrong. It’s no longer the same yellowish colour as the individual hierarchical line pins. The bus pins are now blue. The ERC errors state that ‘Label not connected anywhere else in the schematic’. Any idea what might be going wrong?

CPU sheet:

Root sheet:

Address decoding sheet:

Buses got a huge update in the nightlies so it might be either a bug introduced by that or intentionally changed behaviour. The new stuff is documented here: https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-doc/blob/d27c4009275d2801da932cf0d0dfdccd4448ed58/src/eeschema/eeschema_schematic_creation_and_editing.adoc

Thank you for the feedback. I did come across this document (or something very similar) during an earlier search, but didn’t know appreciate this was specifically related to recent changes. I’ve had look through the document again, and I do seem to be compliant with the Vector Bus requirements, although I’m not so sure about the hierarchical element.

Should I raise this as a possible bug in the bug tracker?

Edit: Gone back to V5.1.4_1, and note the different colour of the bus labels / pins when compared to above:


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