Hierarchial sheet label not connected DRC error

I have me this error 3 times: Error: Label not connected to anything. And I cannot tell why.

I have a schematic sheet with these hierarchial labels. (USB)

If I go to the root sheet…

… I can clearly see that the Rx, TX and GPIO lines are connector.

I have redrawn all lines,
I re-added the labels
I am sure that the lines are okay. Yet I keep getting the not connected error.

I must have done something wrong, but I have no clue.

Who can tell me my mistake?

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It’s actually ERC as you are dealing with a schematic.

If you have a main sheet and one sub-sheet I don’t think you need heirarchical labels . . .

Hi, Simon, hierarchical labels are used to connect the subsheet with other subsheets or the root sheet.

I presume the only way to avoid hierarchical labels is to use global labels inside the subsheet.

From the pictures you show, everything seems alright.
Can you share the project?
Which version are you using?

dispatcher.zip (78.4 KB)

Can you share the project?

I added a zip file.

Which version are you using?

Version 6.0.9 release

If you have a main sheet and one sub-sheet I don’t think you need heirarchical labels

It is not about necessity but it’s about clarity, recycling sheets and even consistency. In essence nobody ever really needs them. I used to use global labels myself. But when some projects grew I decided to pick hierarchiel labels up.

Besides the object orientated functionality with which you can use one schematic and create more instances, they can simply add clarity to your schematic. And now I adopted it to my workflow. I even refactor older projects to use hierarchial labels from time to time.

I usually don’t believe that much in consistency unlike most programmers, but in this case I saw no drawbacks so I do all projects now with hierarchial labels.

Sure I could easily fit these sheets into the parent sheet, but why would I when I already have the sheets? The sheet for the regulator has just 3 parts, but these parts already have vendor numbers and footprints attached. Importing this sheet, already gives me the correct footprints as well as vendor parts. And the USB schematic has much more parts.

So back to question. What’d I do wrong? :lying_face:

Kind regards,


So back to question. What’d I do wrong?

  • you have not mentioned the used kicad-version in your opening post.

I think the schematic is correct, but there where some bugs regarding the ERC and hierarchical sheets/hierarchical labels in some of the v6.0.x versions.
You could update to last released v6 version (v6.0.12 ?) and maybe this bug was fixed.
Or you could take this as opportunity to update to v7 - I’m sure this bug is fixed in v7.
Or you can just ignore these errors.

As info: to check the connectivity I have highlighted the net in the schematic and than looked in the board - if all connected pads are also highlighted than I assume the connection is ok.

The connection is there in the board. So it is just the ERC giving false information.

When I upgrade to 7 (downloading as we speak), can I expect to break something or experience problems? I vaguely recall having issues with a path to 3d models, I think, when I upgraded to 6. :thinking: My bug: I am usually not thrilled for SW updates of any kind. I’d still be on windows XP :see_no_evil:


Sorry @bask185 for the delay. I am on v6.0.10 and I cannot find any error/warning related to unconnected labels. The only warnings I see are due to missing libraries, what is understandable because those libraries are not loaded in my system.

Even if I highlight for example Tx net, all the net is highlighted through all sheets as expected.

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