Hierarchal Sheet : Right-click menu : Hierarchal Sheet Functions Above Active Tool Functions

Within a hierarchal sheet, while in the middle of a dynamic action (such as creating a wire or bus), the hierarchal sheet functions are higher in the menu than the active function.

It is very rare that the user wishes to leave the sheet midfunction, but reading it each time they are seeking the (default hotkeyless) Finish Bus/Wire is unintuitive.


Well then, don’t read the text.
Dynamically changing the order of things in menu’s depending on context would be quite horrible.
With functions I use “more often” I usually know about how high in the menu they are.
And, as posted in that other thread you just started, there are at least two working shortcut keys to finish a wire or a bus.

I’m not sure that’s true — everything manages to be below the active tool — except the options for the very recently introduced Hierarchal Sheet menu (which solely consists of Leave Sheet).

I think if it was added and always appears above everything except Cancel for the active tool, then it is being treated as a second active tool and could be lowered in priority against the active tool.

Check out the instances:

No active tool (Seems fine):


Active Tool: Label:


Active Tool: Add Wire (uninitiated):

Active Tool: Add Wire (initiated):


In these cases, the Leave Sheet is appear shimmed into the top for whatever reason, prioritized over more salient functions.

100% with you.
I still remember the total frustration when Microsoft Office changed to “truncated” menus containing only the last used commands. The most horrible UI ever!

@ML9104 :

See above though — the right-click menu is anything but static; but, for whatever reason the new option (Leave Sheet) has been added to always be at the top.

Put it always at the bottom, put it always above Zoom, put it anywhere but the first/second item in the right-click menu.

I agree that someone on the Tean should have a look at menus, they’re not 100% consistent on ordering the items. That’s annoyed me too.
Should be a simple job, I can’t imagine they’re hardwired in the code.

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