Hierachical Labels - why do inputs look like outputs and outputs like inputs?

The title says it all. Why?

In general inputs are placed in the left side inside the sheet, outputs are placed in the right, so you read something like this:


I hope this helps.

See the symbol for an analog-to-digital converter.


Thank You, what you posted is exactly what I expect from the hierachical I/O symbols.
Unfortunately, my schematic looks like this:

The inputs are on the left side, outputs on the right. As you see the selected input has an output symbol, and the outputs have input symbols. I’m running 5.1.10.

I’m on v5.99.

Maybe horizontal mirroring can save you some trouble re-designing.

I hope this was a joke.

Kind of, yes :stuck_out_tongue:

TBH i droped v5.1.x some time ago, but i tested today with 5.1.6 and i got the same behaviour i get with current v5.99 so i do not think i am able to help further here…

I believe others might want to add some more input though…

seems okay to me?

Here’s a screenshot from 5.1. I’m not really interested in redrawing it in 5.99 but @Aris_Kimi’s screenshot indicates it works the same way there.

inputs point towards the wire, outputs point away from the wire. As @Aris_Kimi points out, it makes more sense with schematic conventions to put inputs on the left and outputs on the right, but either way the arrow points the correct way with respect to the wire as far as I’m concerned.

What do you see as the issue? You’re going to have to explain more. I need to start reading more slowly, I missed your screenshot. That seems weird, and opposite to what I see (and we both expect).

Did you just draw that or is it an old schematic? (Maybe there was a bug in an old version?)

Edit: I figured it out, see my other response.

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Looks like you’re placing hierarchical labels, when you want to be placing hierarchical pins.

Hierarchical labels are what you would place when you go into that sheet, and they connect to the hierarchical pins a level above.

see https://docs.kicad.org/5.1/en/eeschema/eeschema.html#connections-hierarchical-pins


YEEAAHH!! High-five, you solved it. The subtle difference between “Hierachical Label” and “Hierachical Pin” evaded me, although I’ve read the Manual. Thanks!

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Nice catch @gkeeth.

AFAIR in v5.1.x pins have to be manualy edited if a label inside a sheet change, in v5.99 there is a cleanup pins tool to remove pins without a label…

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