Hierachical EAGLE import fails (KiCAD V 5.1.4)


I waited for the 5.1.4 to arrive and try again with importing an EAGLE project.
EAGLE version that was used is 7.7.0 (yes, XML data, easy to see in an editor).
As imports of EAGLE seem to work (with some hickups I could accept), the problem with my schematic and layout is, that it uses hierarchical sheets. To test his, I made a quite dumb schematic (my strength! :slight_smile: )
Here’s a screenshot:

Trying to import the schematic into KiCAD, the result is an empty sheet without any messages/warnings/errors/crashes/… just nothing.

Any solutions?


Attached is the EAGLE file for others to test:
untitled.sch (689.5 KB)

No clue with it is relatively big with 690 k

Eagle (at least version 9) does not really have hierarchical sheets in the same sense as kicad and other tools that support this paradigm.

Eagle has design blocks that are managed as some sort global of library. (It is a nice feature but not truly the same.)

Edit: I might have misunderstood the block feature. Seems to be able to work in the same manner as kicads hierarchical sheets. (Well sorry for the confusion)

It might easily be the case that design block import is not supported by the importer. Or it could be that there are simply a few bugs.

You could play around by reducing the complexity of the design and try to import that (use a single block holding only a single symbol and test that. Next add some connections from the block to some external component. Then try to add a second sheet. …)

Another idea: kicad uses the sheet description of the eagle sheet as its file name on import. Maybe try to add description to the sheets inside your design blocks (just make sure it does not contain newline chars as that breaks the import at least in some kicad versions.)

In general however what you see should definitely be reported on the bugtracker. A crash is never ok.

I played around a bit and it seems kicads eagle import does not support the eagle block (or module) feature. (If i add a single symbol in the root sheet then that symbol and all wires get imported but the subsheets are ignored.)

Support for it would be a wishlist item, not complaining about it is a bug.
I do however not get a crash.

Reported as: https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1841143

Well, as I wrote: No crash, nothing. Just an empty sheet.

The hierarchical schematic doesn’t seem to have an influence on the PCB (no PCB in my test file from the original post).
The PCB of a real project (can’t publish because of IP) looks a bit odd, but fixable. I guess just copper pour.
Nothing tragic, no complaining!


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