Hiding pad numbers and names in symbol editor


I’m trying to make a new symbol, but I don’t find any way to prevent a pin to have a visible
pin name and number. Is there any way to avoid this? I guess there is because resistors for
example don’t have any, but how do I do that?



One way is to look at a resistor in the symbol editor.
Another way is to read the manual, wherever it is on your system, I have it in:

Or you can just use a tilde for the pin name and set the pin number to invisible.

The number and name visibility is controlled in the symbol properties.

So, using a tilde (still) works to make the pin name invisible,but does nothing for the number.

The dialog Rene showed is in:
Symbol Editor / Edit / Properties


Thanks for your replies!

Symbol Editor / Edit / Properties

That’s what I needed! Thanks!


The tilde does not really make the name invisible either. It is just one of the characters that are not rendered. Place any other char into the name field and you will discover why this is the case.

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