Hiding nets in apperance manager "Nets" tab has no effect [SOLVED]

Hiding / showing nets in the new appearence manager’s “Nets” tab has no (visual) effect.
I understand that hiding a net (eye grayed out) is supposed to hide the respective net visually. Is that so?

Just asking before heading over to the buglist.

It hides the ratsnest for that net (I recently updated the tooltip to make it more clear) so it will only have an impact if you have parts of the net not routed.

Ok, got it. Thanks for clarification.

No problem. We don’t currently have an easy way to hide copper items in a specific net, but as far as I know, nobody has asked for that feature either. If it would be useful to you, please open an issue for it with more details.

No need to do so. I didn’t understand in the first place how hiding nets would be useful.

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