Hiding air wires on pcb layout

I’m trying to set up a 4-layer PCB board that has a dedicated power and ground plane. I plan to do the vias for the ground and power plane last, and until then, I want to hide the air wires connecting all grounds and powers, to declutter the image. How do I go about doing that?

By “air wires” I assume you mean the ratsnest/ratlines? You can disable the ratsnest under View -> Show Ratsnest:

I’m not aware of a way to disable ratlines for certain nets yet. A shortcut could be to just disconnect them in your schematic temporarily?

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It’s not possible in 5.1. It will be in the future in 6.0 and is already available in the development version 5.99 (unstable, see Is it a good idea to use a nightly build version?).

If you have two dedicated planes then why do them last? If it is visual you can just toggle their visibility off.

This was about “air wires”.

If you put the planes in then the power and ground ‘air wires’ disappear, or am I thinking the wrong thing here?

To hide net I delete it manually from netlist file. According to my experiments (it was at 4.0.7 state) under Windows 7 I had to use Notepad++ and not Notepad (this one added two invisible bytes at file beginning making it not readable for KiCad (didn’t checked it with 5.1)).

Not really, disconnected items still want to draw the ratsnest lines.

This is true for a fully THT board, but the first SMT part that needs to connect to either of the planes will then have a ratsnest line. The OP didn’t specify THT, SMT, or mixed design, but based on his question I think we can assume there are at least some SMT parts.