Hide Toolbars??

Any way to hide the toolbars on the schematic editor?

Not that I know of.
The CAD market has moved on from having to remember complex hot key sequences. Screen real estate is hardly a problem on modern monitors either.

What do you want to achieve?

I apologize for my OP being unclear. I would like to hide the toolbars.

Almost every other program on earth (cad or otherwise) has hide-able and/or dockable toolbars, so you can move them or hide them, at your preference. Kicad is lacking here.

As for the above comment re “complex hot key sequences”… pressing “m” for move and “r” for rotate is not “complex”. And I do not wish to debate anyone’s keyboard vs. mouse preferences, but people who can use the keyboard generally work faster than mousers.

Although now I see there are tools in the toolbars for which there are no corresponding hotkeys or pulldown options… toggle grids, for example (“g” for grid toggle, anyone?). Boo.

The hotkey “g” is already used in dragging.
I am old enough to remember Wordstar, Ctrl-K,D to save a file :dizzy_face:

Most of the interface has been adapted to wxAUI which allows dockable toolbars, but i don’t believe any of the code to save positions has been implemented yet. However in saying this i believe there is some talk i saw of wx3.0 not really having a good complete implementation of wxAUI so i am not sure whether any effort will be expended on this until wx3.2 is common, or at least released.