Hide/Show Copper Zone


I would like to hide Copper Zones to see the tracks (i need to clean some mess)

In the render list, there is no “zone”, an btw, there is no “tracks” also… Is this intentional?

Thank you very much guys!

Look at the left toolbar. There are options you need.

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true! i can hide them!

but, is there any particular reason why that option is not also on the visible render list?

Ok. That is not an answer because it is not exclusive with a coherent user interface.

If I go to visibles/render, and I disable everything, I expect to render nothing. But I see pads, vias, tracks and polygons.

You can have the option for polygons, etc on the list, and also an icon, a specific key, and even a menu item. New users will use one option, expert users will use another.

My question was about some specific technical issue (maybe polygons are a different render object or whatever)

Thank you very much