Hide Pin Numbers in Eeschema?

I sometimes “misuse” KiCad for producing generic schematics, like analog filters, flip-flop circuits and so on. Simply because I like KiCAD and it’s easy.

This needs generic symbols, which are not always available in the general library, so I select an existing one for doing the generic schematic.
Removing the reference and the value is easy.

But is there a way to blank out the pin numbers?

Of course.

Regular resistors have no visible pin numbers.
Here a resistor is shown in the Symbol Editor:

Unfortunately I can’t remember what setting triggers this behavior.


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I’m sorry, apparently my question was unclear.
I’m not talking about resistors etc., but about D-flipflops, JK-flipflops, counters, opamps, etc., where there are no generic symbols.
Instead I use the symbol of a 4013 D-flipflop for example, and hide the reference/value. But the pin numbers persist.
How do I hide those?

As the schematics will be used in a document in the end, I’ve exported them and removed the pin numbers in a graphic editor, before inserting them into the document. I just wondered if there is an easier way.

Lower right hand corner, “Annotations”. Does not matter if it is a capacitor or a flip-flop.

Now look at this.
It even works with a counter:

Isn’t this amazing?

To get to this dialog, open a symbol i the symbol editor and then edit it’s properties.

Symbols Editor / Edit / Properties

Also, if you do such things you have to be aware that KiCad’s own libraries are read-only. This means you also have to learn some library management. I suggest you first make a project specific library, then copy the symbols you want to modify into it and then modify them to your hearts most secret desires.

For more about Library management:

A big Thank You.


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