Hide GND ratsnest?

Hi - is it possible to hide all ratsnest lines for GND pads? I’m planning on a ground pour later, and right now they’re cluttering up my view.

Netwise ratsnest control is not in kicad right now. It will likely be included in the next version (to be released a year or two from now)

thanks - makes sense.

To do that I manually delete GND net from netlist.
Using Notepad (at Windows 7) didn’t worked for me (it added 2 invisible bytes at the file beggining and KiCad 4.0.7 didn’t read that file (not sure how V5). But with Notepad++ everything works fine.
Other method is to put zone and make in invisible.

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Even though this doesn’t answer your question: why not do the ground pour first (on the bottom) and connect all the GND pads with a short trace and a via?

The ratsnest for GND then disappears because they are all connected, and if any of the lines pop up again that is a strong indication that you just cut through the ground pour.

Because before you have moved components to their final places this method is useless.


I figured I would add my 2 cents.

  1. Open net in Notepad++
  2. Search for this as a regular expression.


  1. this will show you the block of text calling out the GND ratsnest. Delete it.

This will remove the GND, then you can go back and recreate it to finalize your ground plane.

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