Hide clearance boundary

How can I hide / show the clearance boundary which are rounded-rectangles around the pads?


KiCad version? -------------

In PCBNew, from the top menu bar try: Preferences > Display > Show Pad Clearance (under “Footprints”.)


P.S. - This screen capture is from a nightly build circa Feb 2017, so menus and features may be different from your version.


It’s at least 5.x, note the rounded rectangle pads.

That said, I just had a look around the interface of 5.0.1_4 (Windows has had a few micro revisions getting the build settings correct). I don’t see any way to turn off viewing the clearance boundary. I’ve never tried before because I value the important information that boundary provides.

Maybe if you made the net spacing zero then the boundary will be hidden by being coincident with the edge of the pad… But then you would have to very careful that subsequent modifications don’t violate manufacturing minimums.

Correction to my previous message. It is in Display Options. Here is the options window for 5.0.1_4:

Lower right-hand corner (right above the OK and Cancel buttons) is a checkbox to turn off pad clearance.

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