Hidden or missing v6 layout features?

KiCad v6 is awesome, thanks to all who contributed!

There are some features or settings which I’m hoping for but have not found. If available, please help me find them. Thanks!

  1. Is it possible to have Router Shove Mode not allowing vias to move?

  2. How do I measure the length of multiple selected track segments?

  3. Is it possible to have cross selection of net highlighting in schematic on tracks/pads/ratsnests etc in PCB editor?

  4. Whats the best way to view/list all the track lengths within a net class?

Go to eeschema preferences and check option to enable selection of symbol pin, not whole symbol. This will enable crosselecting pads in pcbnew. In order to higlight track, use “select net” (default hotkey f4 or something like that, see hotkey preferences) from rmb suvmenu over wire.

None of all other options are available as far as I know, you should fill a feature requests in gitlab for them.

1、Push the wire after locking the via

2、It seems there are and plugins that can do that
3、Yes, but only single. KICAD6.99 will soon support multiple options
4、This can be done by modifying the following plug-in

For 2 and 4 there is a net inspector available (tools/net inspector) it is much faster then LengthStats plugin. While the plugin might work with 6.0 it is officially supported only on 5.1.x.