Hi. I want to make route can soldering in pcbnew


I want to change wire soldering in pcbnew
Where menu do I have to change??

Perhaps other regulars on this forum are in a situation similar to me: I do not understand the question. Can you explain your question a little more completely or carefully?

I’ll hazard a guess. Do you mean you want to expose the copper, or rather the solder, of that segment of track? Just draw an aperture on the solder mask layer.

thank you
I want to make like photo

Where icon I do use to drawing aperture?

You can draw graphic lines on the mask layer.

Select the solder mask layer (probably back in your case) and then use the drawing tools to create closed shapes on it. Where you have drawn the solder mask wlll be removed, as that layer is subtractive.

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Well in this case (as in a lot of others) I was not sure to answer the question (even after the photo…photo was very helpful). But if I can help the process I will try to do that…


Here, if you didn’t find it.

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