Hi, Does anyone know how to increase the color Contrast in layout PDF plot

I every one, I just ask if there are any parameter I can adjust to improve the color of PDF file printed out. it’s not so good clear for view. Thank you!

The current output look like this: Picture

Can you show a screenshot of the KiCad dialog which produces this pdf?

You can checkout my plugin Board2Pdf. It’s available in the PCM.

thank you, I will check

Hi eelik, here is the setting:

I’d prefer the Board2Pdf plugin. Installable in the plugin- and content manager at the KiCad main window. Every layer color and a set of output pages is configurable as an output job for easy exporting to a nice pdf.
Perhaps you can share you experience with that?

I assume the new additions to the plugin will soon be published to the PCM which adds more output options, speed and portable configurations saved per KiCad project…

@albin Don’t want to hide that this is me writing, Markus :slight_smile:


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