Help with loading a library please

I am trying to add a library item Adafruit HUZZAH 32 feather like this one .
It says there are eaglecad pcb files at this address but I think they are only files about the internals of the unit. I can’t work out how to open them in Kicad so can’t check them.
I have library files of a VROOM32 which is a similar board to the feather but not close enough.
Does anyone know where I could find a library file for the feather (product/3405) and how to load it into the Kicad library?

Kicad libraries are “Read only”. New symbols and footprints can only be added to personal libraries.

Do you have any personal libraries yet?

I don’t see any symbols or footprints in whatever format KiCad or Eagle at the github page you provided. Perhaps you should ask Adafruit what’s up, or down. Also ask in other forums, maybe Adafruit related ones.

In the absence of official symbol and footprints you could learn to make your own. The symbol can simply be a rectangular box with pins for the header pins and any power pins. The footprint is simply a rectangle with the pins in their locations and usually with 0.1 inch pitch.

Ha!! That was my next post after confirming the OP had somewhere to place the symbol and footprint.
“Save as” any old 28 pin symbol and re-name the pins… 3 minute job, quicker and easier than scouring the internet for a result :smiley:

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