Help with FreeCAD StepUp - Microwave Layouts

I have an ADS momentum design for a Wilkinson splitter and wish to turn it into a copper zone on my board. I don’t want to import artwork and manually draw it because it will introduce possibly detrimental errors with the loss in precision.

I have been playing around with the KiCADStepUp tool in FreeCAD, but I can’t get anything usable. I’ve been trying for hours. Please help!

The Antenna example is great and all I’d need; however, there is very little documentation nor a step by step procedure that isn’t either extremely outdated or incorrect. Do you have to name the sketch something specific for it to work when converting to kicad footprint? When I name it Pads_Poly after converting the dxf into a sketch I get the following error:

15:55:19 PoM not present
15:55:19 using ‘Part’ container and ‘Links’
15:55:19 FC Version 019-24291
15:55:19 kicad StepUp version
15:55:19 tolerance on vertex applied
15:55:19 applying Materials to Shapes
15:55:19 your home path is /Users/michaeleller
15:55:19 export to STEP False
15:55:19 Tabified done !
15:55:19 done!
15:55:19 need to discretize Arcs
15:55:19 need to discretize Arcs
15:55:19 need to discretize Arcs
15:55:19 need to discretize Arcs
15:55:19 Running the Python command ‘ksuToolsFootprintGen’ failed:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/michaeleller/Library/Preferences/FreeCAD/Mod/kicadStepUpMod/”, line 2114, in Activated
File “/Users/michaeleller/Library/Preferences/FreeCAD/Mod/kicadStepUpMod/”, line 16217, in PushFootprint
sk_d=Draft.makeSketch([wns,wnc[0]], autoconstraints=True)

list index out of range

I just need to turn a complex shape from a dxf into a copper zone – doesn’t even need to be a footprint necessarily.

Here is the general artwork shape


You can export the artwork from ADS as a gerber plot, open with kicad’s gerbview, and export to new PCB.

That’s what I’m going with for now.

would you mind to post the dxf file?

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wilkinson_raw_ads.dxf (166.4 KB)
wilkinson.dxf (87.6 KB)

The second file was cleaned up a bit in AutoCAD 2022.

Hi @mbe9a
I’ve started from the cleaned file…
In FC I had to convert it to a sketch, because it seems the edges were not oriented on the same versus… then I could apply the process to create a poly pad footprint…
(I know I would need to build some doc)

here the FC file and kicad footprint
wilk-fp.FCStd (63.4 KB)
wilk-fp.kicad_mod (8.1 KB)

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Amazing! Thanks! I have a bunch of designs to do, could you share the steps you took to do this when you get a chance?

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Unfortunately I have little documentation written, apart the one at the forum… RF
I asked few times to have some user in helping me to write some doc, but at the end when their job was done, the interest went away…

I haven’t any RF generator software, so it is quite difficult for me to imagine a path to be written in a doc

Maybe this post will help:

or here with another part of the StepUp tool (just keep reading :wink: ):

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