Help with exporting gerbers for CAM350 (cheap chinese fab)

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to work with a new (to me) pcb fab house and they cannot open my gerbers.

They sent me a screenshot showing only the .drl file being recognized, and then a folder view of another customer’s project with all files with protel filename extensions. I tried re-exporting with Protel Filename Extensions to match, as well as 4,5mm coordinate format but they still weren’t able to open these.

When I asked what version of CAM350 they were using, they just said “chinese version”… ay…

Does anybody have any sure-fire gerber export settings that work with stubborn fab houses?

FWIW, this fab came highly recommended by a few friends but none of them use KiCad.

Usually the problem is they can’t handle X2 attributes. Usually the Protel file extensions don’t matter. One or two fabs want combined PTH and NPTH files but they should tell you that.

Why not name the fab? Someone might have used them before.

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Oh interesting, I left X2 “on” because I read it was backwards compatible. I will try to change that and see what happens. The fab is called posin if that helps.

It is backwards compatible ASSUMING The software is compliant and/or not pirated

Have a guess where the issue is …

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Thanks Naib,
I will render some new files with X1 and see if they can open those.

After that, I don’t really know what else to try. They said " If there is no way to change the format, pls provide the desginator drawing to us." - but I have no clue what that means.

They probably mean design files. They’re thinking you use Eagle or some other software that they have.

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Just an update to this. The board house accepted my latest gerbers with settings:

YES: Use Protel Extensions
Coordinate format: 4,5 mm
NO: Use extended X2 format

Thanks for the help everyone, much appreciated.


Kicad has many plugins that can easily export common Gerber files, which are supported by most manufacturers in China. And China’s PCB manufacturers are fiercely competitive, the production of PCB is indeed cheap, in recent years have launched free proofing activities, everyone has twice a month free proofing opportunities, including four layers of PCB

The other “feature” of the bad CAM350 is broken silkscreen circles, use two half circles

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