Help with DSI MIPI adapter board

Hi all,

I’m implementing an adapter board to connect an LCD to a RaspberryPi via the DSI connection on the RPi. I have a question that I hope you guys can helo me with, as I have no experience with implementing video adapters.

I’m using this screen:

The Screen comes with 20 pin, 0.5mm pitch connector. The RPi uses a 15 pin, 1mm pitch connector, hence I need an adapter and have not found any off-the-shelf.

It says the driver ic is ST7701S. But I am confused at to whether the driver ic is implemented into the screen assembly or whether I have to put it on the adapter board.

I can see that the board that the Raspberry Pi foundation made for their screen has many more components than my current design, which makes me wonder if I’m on the right path.

The board I’ve made is a simple pass-through with some voltage regulators to convert the 3.3V from the RPi to 1.8V or 2.8V required by the display.
But I wonder if it should also have the driver ic, ST7701S.

The driver IC is part of the screen assembly.

I hope the schematic is OK. Sent it off to the printshop.

Did you manage to make it work with this schematic?

I don’t know yet, there was no driver for the display and our software guy had not had time to look at it yet.
I’ll keep you posted.

Hi Frank,
I don’t have Skype and I refuse to knowingly install spyware on my computer :blush:
But I’m very interested in what you can help with?

Reference deleted along with user.

Mmmm… I think @zenseidk meant to say, that skype is a spyware tool from Microsoft, maybe Frank was really trying to help?

Yes, that is exactly right.

Easy on the trigger there, Mr hermit.

I’ve seen elevated traffic from a specific country and this was hard on the heels of another post. Most of it is printer related and the DPI reference made me think they were related. (I had to delete the same user twice in the same day recently.) Plus this is a public community. When someone signs up and immediately wants to go private with a conversation I think they are trying to avoid detection. I may have been wrong but I don’t think so. I sincerly apologize if I was wrong, but again, this is a public community. Don’t sign up and start posting skype links and offering private help.


You might be right. The legit thing would be to share in public.

Collectively we have a pretty good radar here. Earlier today I flagged a printing related post, I’m pretty sure that was one of those mentioned by hermit, although I saw only one.

There are a couple of common things to the spam posters.

  • They haven’t posted anything useful previously. Most often there are no previous posts at all.
  • Usually they are new members (just click on a poster’s avatar to see).
  • Their posts don’t mention KiCad.
  • They grab some tangential subject matter.
  • If they respond to further questions at all, the responses are vague and a bit confusing.

Within some years you can develop a sense for these things so that by seeing only a single post you can tell with 99% certainty that something is spam.

Have we ever seen someone coming back complaining?

Hi, have you managed to make it work? I’m interested in doing something similar.

Talking about spam etc…
On links to Ali (baba / express) you can remove everything after “html”. The question mark “spm” etc.

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